Semi Integrated Dishwashers

Semi Integrated dishwashers, also known as drawer line dishwashers, are intended to sit between your current kitchen units and beneath your worktop. Having a control panel at the top of the dishwasher door means that semi integrated dishwashers only require a partial cupboard door fitting to the front of them. The main difference between a semi integrated dishwasher and a fully integrated one is mainly the control panel. As mentioned the controls for a semi integrated dishwasher are at the top of the machine whereas a fully integrated dishwasher has more controls which are visible on the front of the washer door. Within the range available at Calverts you will find many options available from the leading brands in the dishwasher industry. Beko, Hot Point, Bosch and Blomberg are just some of the brands you will find when shopping for a cheap semi integrated dishwasher. As with the majority of dishwashers these days you will find available a semi integrated dishwasher with cutlery tray making it much easier to load your dishwasher so you can keep your knives and forks away from your plates, pots and pans. For further information on our semi integrated dishwashers be sure to contact us today via email or phone. We’d love to see you to help choose the right dishwasher in one of our 3 showroom locations in the North East.
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